Whatever your palate, you’ll find a wine you enjoy from our extensive range that’s been hand-selected from producers all around the globe. Whether you prefer a spicy red, a crisp white, a refreshing rose, or a celebratory fizz and whether you want a rare fine wine, or just something that goes down easily at the end of a hard-working day, we guarantee quality and value with a glass to match every season and occasion.

  • Wine Makers

    From European wine makers to those further afield in the ‘New World’, our wine makers pay us regular visits for tastings and lunch time sampling. Join us at our next monthly wine tasting where the wine maker will speak about the grape variety, the vineyard terrain, the climate, how the wine is made and most importantly, you’ll be able to sample each wine – we’re very generous and encourage you to try as much wine as you like!

  • Tiki Estate Wines

    Family-owned TIKI continues the farming tradition of the McKean family. The Waiata Vineyard in the Waipara Valley was the initial springboard in 2004, followed by Marlborough plantings in the Upper Wairau Valley and Central Otago pinot noir sourced from sites planted by Sue's father, Denis Marshall, in the Gibbston Valley in 2003. It is an important part of TIKIs company philosophy to be environmentally responsible and to operate using sustainable practices. As a family-owned New Zealand business, they believe they have a responsibility to ensure that our natural resources are protected for future generations.

    The Tiki Estate Pinot Noir and Tiki Estate Sauvignon Blanc are two of our highly recommended City favourites. With the classic vibrant, gooseberry flavours in the Sauvignon Blanc and the velvety berry fruit complemented by a touch of spicy oak in the Pinot Noir, these wines offer everything you can expect from their grape variety.